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The Pelham Citizens Nominating Committee (Pelham CNC) is a nonpartisan organization, the purpose of which is to seek, interview and nominate highly qualified candidates for the Pelham Board of Education. Furthermore, the CNC serves as a resource to both the community and the candidates, providing due process appropriate to this level of public service and answering any questions candidates may have as they consider their decision to run for the Board. The rules, policies and procedures set forth in the ByLaws are intended to help the committee serve the best interests of the community at all times, in a nonpartisan fashion, and under varying conditions.

Before the Pelham Citizens Nominating Committee (Pelham CNC) was created in 1954, nominating candidates for the Pelham School Board of Education (BoE) had been the self-assigned task of the BoE itself. The nominees were elected at the Annual May Board Meeting after an opportunity to nominate additional candidates from the floor had been presented. In 1954, leaders of Pelham’s civic organizations, spearheaded by the then BoE President ultimately adopted a plan to create a citizens nominating committee, devised by the then League of Women Voters of Pelham.

The CNC is an independent, nonpartisan volunteer group of no more than 12 citizens in the Town of Pelham. It operates according to its own ByLaws and is entirely independent of the Board of Education, Pelham Schools administration, and political affiliation. No CNC member is an elected public official or a principal officer of an organized political party. 

A CNC nomination is NOT an endorsement. It is an assessment that the candidate possesses the qualifications set forth by the NYS School Boards Association along with the qualifications specific to Pelham as set forth by the CNC. This assessment is carried out after careful consideration and a personal interview with the candidate.

CNC ByLaws (most recent amendments adopted in 2022)

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