Community Engagement

To maintain a nonpartisan election process for the Pelham Board of Education that selects candidates based solely on their qualifications to serve, not on their campaigning abilities or positions on specific issues, Pelham CNC has been fortunate to retain its strong partnerships with local newspapers and non profits. In recent years the committee has branched out to establish a presence on the local town government’s website and nonpartisan social media forums for the purpose of public service announcements during school board elections.

Pelham CNC does not have a budget. There have never been any financial contributions/donations made to the committee or committee members. The committee is grateful for its volunteers’ longstanding ties to the local community who help ensure the highest quality of candidacy for school board leadership.

Pelham CNC thanks all Town of Pelham residents for their time, thoughtfulness and diligence in engaging and participating in the upcoming nonpartisan Pelham school board election.