The Committee


Pelham CNC members are strongly encouraged to attend as many Board of Education Meetings as possible to learn about the Board and its roles and responsibilities.

As per CNC ByLaws, the number of members constituting the full Committee shall be 12, including, whenever possible, at least two members from each of the four elementary school neighborhoods in the District.

The Regular Meetings of the CNC are between October and June. The first portion of the CNC’s calendar is to seek and nominate candidates for the Pelham school board. This work is carried out between October and April. There are between five and eight committee meetings, attendance at local nonprofit meetings for a CNC Public Service Announcement, email exchanges and school board candidate interview participation requirements. The second portion of the calendar is to ensure the committee is successful in its mission. This is achieved through the committee seeking new volunteers to join the CNC as current members’ terms end. Participation on the CNC is a two year commitment.

Please refer to the Volunteer Your Time section to join the committee or reach out to the Pelham CNC Chair: to learn more.

2023 Pelham CNC Committee:


Cindy Courtien – Prospect Hill 2023-2024 term

Sarah McKee (Co-Chair) – Colonial 2022-2023 term

Matthew Maron – Prospect Hill 2023-2024 term

Colleen O’Hagan – Hutchinson 2022-2023 term

Joanie Paradis (Vice Chair) – Siwanoy 2022-2023 term

Kimberly A. Riegel (Co-Chair) – Siwanoy 2022-2023 term

Marcos Rollan – Hutchinson 2022-2023 term

Angelo Rubbo – Siwanoy 2023-2024 term

Madeline Smith – Colonial 2022-2023 term

Jennifer Solimine – Prospect Hill 2023-2024 term

David Sparano (Secretary) – Siwanoy 2022-2023 term

Simara Sucena – Hutchinson 2022-2023 term